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Q. How long does it take for service to be put on my phone after I pay my bill?

With adding your monthly payment. Times vary depending on the customer traffic, but normally, plans are added within 3 to 15 minutes of the purchase. If you purchased online you will recieve a confirmation email once your plan has been added. If you purchase in store it will be added almost immediately. If it takes any longer than stated please feel free to call customer service so we can take care of the issue promptly.  

Q. How does your warranty plan work if I get my device fixed?

Our warranty plan is very transparent, simple and covers all repairs done at any one of our locations. We offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs. This warranty covers any part used in the repair that fails due to defect. As long as there is no physical or liquid damage the repair is covered for it’s lifetime! We also provide out of warranty coverage if it does take that spill. Our customers are our #1 priority.

Q. How long will it take to repair my device?

Normally devices are repaired the same day. Sometimes there are occasions where special parts may need to be ordered to complete the repair but if that is the case a technician will notify you of the delay. Timing also depends on how extensive the damage is. Each device has it’s own story. Mail in repairs are usually fixed and shipped within 24 hrs. Walk in repairs are usually fixed within 1 to 2 hrs.

Q. What if my device has more than one problem?

Once your device arrives at our facility we will proceed to test all it’s functions, including the issue outlined on the work order you fill(ed) out. If there is another issue other than described, we will figure out what it takes to fix it, and call you with an updated quote for approval. At that time you can either choose to approve the entire repair, the single issue you originally described or cancel the repair. If cancelled your device will be returned to you at no cost.

Q. Will repairing my device cause it to lose the data stored on it?

No. Repairing your device will not cause any loss of information. Most of your sensitive data is stored on either a hard drive or ram. These days most smartphones also have cloud backups that allow you to restore your information as well. There are many techniques and tools to recover any lost data which normally only occurs when your stored memory is either corrupted, missing system files or damaged.

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